Authentiq Review


Your AuthentiqID
AuthentiqID is like your wallet, with ID cards in it: a drivers license, a insurance card, an employee ID, and maybe one or two customer loyalty cards.

Digital Signatures
The AuthentiqID app creates a secret cryptographic signing key, that never leaves your phone.

Personal Profile
Create your personal profile with name, phone numbers, email address, mail address, social accounts, and more. It is only shared with your consent.

Verified Identity
Authentiq, or a third party, confirms and cryptographically signs each item in your profile.

Authenticate, Easy and Safe
Upon Sign-in, you select what requested profile items to reveal, and the AuthentiqID app cryptographically signs the sign-in data.

Authentiq HQ

Authentiq USA

555 Bryant St. #473
Palo Alto CA 94301-1704
United States

Authentiq UK

4-5 Bonhill Street
London, EC2A 4BX
United Kingdom

Authentiq B.V.

van Hogendorpstraat 3
3581 KA Utrecht
The Netherlands