HYPR | The Passwordless Company™


HYPR is the leader in Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). We protect workforce and customer identities with the highest level of assurance while enhancing the end users’ experience. 

Our approach shifts the economics of attack and risk in the enterprises’ favor by replacing password-based MFA with Passwordless MFA. With HYPR, customers can finally enable cross-platform desktop MFA, stop phishing, and reduce fraud associated with weak or stolen passwords. Welcome to The Passwordless Company®. It’s time for Identity Access Assurance (IAA).

HYPR Mission

We have one mission and that is to create a passwordless world. For us, security isn’t just about keeping the bad guys out. It’s about protecting people in everything they do, wherever they are.

HYPR Story

HYPR founders realized passwords will continue to be the hackers’ favorite target unless something is done about it. They saw it as an opportunity to approach security in a brand new way. What if our everyday smartphone can be used to change the security and user experience landscape? That became the launching pad for HYPR.

HYPR Testimonial

“It’s increasingly clear that passwords must go, which is why our collaboration with HYPR is an exciting one. Together, we can help businesses across the globe reach their journey to passwordless authentication with a joint solution that not only heightens security by eliminating password-based logins, but also accelerates productivity.”


Derek Hanson

VP Solutions Architecture and Alliances, Yubico

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