AuthX Review


AuthX provides you with an Authentication-as-a-Service platform. Our solution securely manages and connects you and your users to your systems, applications, files, OS and networks. 

AuthX is a global company, founded in 2012, with millions of end users and services to some of the largest organization in the world.

Whether you are looking for solutions for yourself or an enterprise with millions of customers, we have an authentication solution for you.

The AuthX story begins over a decade ago, when the head of a payment company questioned why we still have passwords. In 2012, our founder set out to eliminate passwords and fraud via biometric and multi-factor authentication technologies.

A new way of authenticating is born

Years ago, our team wrote the first line of code to create a new web-based platform that brings security, visibility, and trust to authentication. We applied payment processing logic to build the solution, utilizing secure development practices, scalability, and resiliency to create the platform we have today.

With millions of end users and tens of thousands of outlets utilizing our technologies daily, AuthX is the leader in SaaS-based multi-factor authentication offerings.

What is Authentication-as-a-Service

AaaS is a form of cloud-based service that gives companies and other types of organizations the ability to authenticate users in a safe manner and to manage access to their various systems and applications.

It is likely that an AaaS platform such as AuthX’s offers a variety of features and capabilities to assist businesses in the management and protection of the user authentication methods they employ. Multi-factor authentication (also known as MFA), single sign-on (also known as SSO), and identity and access management are all possible features that may be included (IAM). These characteristics have the potential to assist companies in enhancing the security of their systems and lowering the likelihood of unwanted access or breaches of data.

An Authentication-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform such as AuthX may, in addition to providing authentication services, offer additional security and compliance capabilities. Some examples of these features include security event monitoring, data encryption, and compliance reporting. These capabilities can assist firms in protecting sensitive data and warding off potential security threats, as well as meeting the legislation and standards that govern their sector.

AuthX Conclusion

In general, an AaaS platform such as AuthX’s is intended to assist businesses and organizations in securely authenticating and managing access for their users, in addition to providing additional security and compliance capabilities to assist in protecting against threats and meeting industry standards. AuthX is one company that offers such a platform.

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