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Founded by renowned cryptography researchers and experienced cybersecurity engineers, Secret Double Octopus made its mission to break the traditional paradigm of cybersecurity that bonds better security with higher friction and costs.

Passwords alone won’t cut it anymore

Passwords have become the go-to spot for attackers. Even with the strictest policies and when enforcing complicated, hard to memorize passwords that employees hate, it’s a security nightmare – passwords will always be reused, shared, and under the very real danger of phishing attacks and many other methods of stealing them from even the sharpest of users.

Passwordless MFA is the Holy Grail of authentication: great user experience and better security. But for many organizations, passwordless is a journey not a cold turkey initiative. Double Octopus helps you get there.

What is Passwordless MFA?

Multi-factor authentication, or passwordless MFA, is a way of validating a user’s identity that does not need the user to provide a password during the authentication process. To verify the user’s identification, it uses a combination of various elements, such as a security code that is transmitted to a phone, a biometric scan, or a physical token. Alternatively, the user’s identity can be verified by a physical token.

The elimination of the need for users to remember and enter passwords is one of the primary aims of passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA). Another objective is to make it more challenging for malicious actors to access user accounts. Passwordless MFA aims to improve both security and convenience. You can utilize passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) in place of the more common password-based authentication approach, or you can use it on its own as a means of authentication.

Secret Double Octopus Products

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“Not having to remember or manage multiple passwords for each system improves productivity and provides us with better auditing. And users are much happier.”

Tomer Radian

Chief Architect, Anagog

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