Magic Links

Table of Contents Magic Link Passwordless Authentication; Does it work? Magic Link passwordless authentication technology continues to emerge as one of the favorite modes of login to interact with some devices or internet counterparts such as computerized sites but seems to evolve dramatically over time. Through the view of the generation of login authorities, the […]

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Microsoft Authenticator Passwordless

Table of Contents Now You Can Enable passwordless sign-in with the Microsoft Authenticator app Microsoft Authenticator Passwordless – Azure AD accounts may be signed into using the Microsoft Authenticator app without the need for passwords. Key-based authentication enables a user credential that is attached to a device, such as a PIN or biometric, when the

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Passwordless Authentication Microsoft

Facebook Twitter Medium Table of Contents Passwordless Authentication Microsoft Innovation As the world enhanced technological advancements, the need to curb the increasing cybersecurity threats has also become dire. The ICT institutions are at the core of ensuring the provision of solutions to this rising need. They will only achieve this by coming up with innovations

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