cidaas Review

We are cidaas!

We help companies into a seamless and digital future! cidaas standardizes what is important and simplifies what is complex.

What we offer

One identity across all channels.

In a world in which digital transformation is becoming increasingly important, we are making our contribution with cidaas Identity Management by connecting the growing number of applications, devices, interaction channels and the associated identities on one platform. In doing so, the topics of security, scalability, flexibility and user convenience are our top priorities. Our solution is OpenIDConnect and ISO-certified and bears the “Software Hosted in Germany” seal of quality.

cidaas Solution

cidaas is the optimal solution for fast and secure identity management. Thanks to cidaas you create one identity per user across all your channels. cidaas is based on OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect standards, provides strong API security and with integrated Bot Net Detection and Fraud Detection a secure journey across all your business channels. 


Users’ lives are made more difficult by the presence of a multitude of passwords and pins, which also creates an ugly barrier to access to digital channels. Because the login screen is the very first thing that consumers see, implementing passwordless authentication within your digital apps is an excellent way to bolster their security and provide a more personalized experience to end users.

Our Company

Software made in Germany since 1997

cidaas is a product of Widas ID GmbH, a business unit of WidasConcepts GmbH based in Wimsheim, Germany. We have been offering “Software made in Germany” since 1997 and are proud to have developed cidaas, a comprehensive cloud identity and access management solution that is developed and hosted in Germany.

cidaas HQ

Maybachstrasse 2
71299 Wimsheim