Fortr3ss Review

Fortr3ss provides secure voice biometric solutions for identification and transactional approval in fintech, healthcare, and enterprise markets as well as oravle serice to blockchain databases including Corda, Ethereum, and soon IBM Hyperledger. Voice biometrics is a simple, intuitive way to authenticate your users during a customer support call; a mobile login or transactional approval; a telemedicine interview with your doctor; or an e-commerce transaction.

Fortr3ssSDK, our Software Development Kit, is a mobile or web based API that allows your internal development teams to add an intuitive voice driven identification.
Fortr3ssAD, for the enterprise, is an integration to Microsoft Active Directory that allows users to access corporate computers with their voice and reduce IT Help Desk costs by allowing password reset through their mobile devices.
Fortr3ssPM, for the consumer, is a mobile and web browser password manager that store passwords, credit cards, Id’s, and Notes….

Fortr3ss HQ

Miami, FL, USA