GateKeeper Review

GateKeeper Proximity is a patented, proximity-based 2FA login solution for PC, Mac, websites, desktop applications, and OTP. Enhance corporate compliance and cyber security through mass automated authentication. Through wireless authentication, GateKeeper protects networks from internal breaches and confidential data exposure with patented, proximity-based authentication solutions that include two-factor authentication (2FA), centralized password management, and comprehensive auditing; reducing support time and costs while enhancing security and compliance.

Security without complexity.

Untethered Labs, Inc. is the leader in proximity enterprise identity and access management technology, servicing enterprise security and 2FA needs. Established in 2015 and headquartered in the US, ULabs provides automated privileged access management solutions for a wide range of industries including healthcare, MSP/MSSPs, law enforcement, manufacturing, and finance.

Our patented and award-winning technology increases security and reduces support costs with touchless, proximity-based two-factor computer authentication, centralized enterprise password management, and auditing. With partners worldwide, we are able to effectively deploy GateKeeper in nearly any environment. Created by specialists in semiconductor technologies and electronic design.

Hundreds of corporations in the U.S. and around the globe rely on GateKeeper’s continuous authentication every second to secure their internal networks, prevent data breaches, and continuously authenticate users.

GateKeeper HQ

Untethered Labs, Inc.
5000 College Avenue
Suite 2103
College Park, MD 20740