Passwordless Authentication

What are the benefits of Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless Authentication

The Advantages of Passwordless Authentication


There are many benefits to passwordless authentication, but the most important is ease of use. Implementing passwordless authentication means your customers can log in quickly and easily without having to remember a complicated code or go through the hassle of resetting their password after they’ve forgotten it. Passwordless authentication also saves you time by eliminating the process of resetting passwords for customers who forget their email address, phone number, or login credentials.

Passwordless authentication is a relatively new and exciting form of security, that is already being implemented by many technology companies. The most popular version is the U2F protocol that allows users to authenticate with devices like Google Prompt. This has opened up opportunities for increased security in the workplace and in the home.

User Experience
Passwordless authentication provides a seamless and secure experience for users. Your employees and customers can access your services without the need to memorize long, complex passwords.

It is possible to authenticate without entering a password, which has a number of practical and business advantages. It benefits organizations in the following ways:

  • Improve user experiences – by reducing password and secret fatigue and enabling uniform access to all applications and services – by eliminating password and secret fatigue.
  • Reduce the risk of credential theft and impersonation by removing hazardous password management practices and lowering the likelihood of credential theft.
  • Make IT operations simpler by eliminating the need to create, secure, rotate and reset passwords as well as the need to store and maintain passwords.

Passwordless authentication offers a number of practical and business advantages for companies and consumers alike.

Find out how you can enjoy these practical and business advantages and why many organizations are taking this route to improve security and convenience by trying one of the many providers out with a demo for yourself!