Implementing Passwordless Authentication

Implementing Passwordless Authentication

Implementing Passwordless Authentication

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Implementation: how to set up passwordless authentication

Recently, more and more companies are implementing passwordless authentication to become cyber security compliant. Passwordless authentication is a way for users to login without needing to enter a password each time they want to log in.

Implementing Passwordless authentication may be done in a number of ways:

Passwordless authentication can be deployed in numerous ways: Using a link in an email for authentication: The user must provide their email address as part of this authentication process. An individual token or code is generated and saved whenever the user enters their email address.

Upon clicking on the link, your server confirms that the unique token is still valid and swaps it for a long-lived token, which is saved in your database and returned to the client, where it is commonly stored as a browser cookie. Additionally, checks will be performed on the server to guarantee that the link was clicked within a certain time period, such as three minutes.

A team of security engineers has found a way to implement passwordless authentication using QR Codes and triangulation. This method of authentication would allow for increased efficiency by not requiring users to remember multiple passwords plus another upside is that this type of authentication is more secure secure when encrypted.

Using the Mobile Device

As a result of the widespread use of personal smart devices, passwordless solutions are extremely scalable, even when applied to huge corporate workforces.

The the software that harness staff mobile devices and convert them into mobile authenticators will be the ones that enterprises can migrate to the quickest in the near future.

User authentication via SMS: The user must input a valid phone number in order to get a one-time code. Sending a one-time code through text message is the next step. Upon entering this code, your app verifies that the user’s phone number is real and that the code is right, a session is started, and the user logs in.

QR Code Technology

One of the great advantages of using this method is that there is no client software for customers to download and install. With the webserver as a central control point, it’s easy to install and expand to accommodate any size user base. Using the unique triangulation produced by the user, mobile, and webserver, a solution activates the Webserver’s intelligence to co-create a system. Using this system, you can be certain that your credentials are safe and secure.

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